Capricious Caramel Darrem Casus


* 16.11.2004
MCO e 22

FeLV, FIV, FIP negative
HCM negative (gentest N/N)

2 x CAC
BIV, nom. BIS (3-6)

Parents Granparents GrandGrandparents
CH Xaver of Gentle Lions Aloa’s Tullmoon Crusander Guldfakses Little Bears Moon
a 22
d 22 Mountaineers Tuckaway Tullamore
n 22
Mountaineer’s Pink Lady Belushies Utha
es 22
e 23 Shantys Autumn Bliss
g 23
Willowplace Majestic Marilyn Tabbyskins Santa Fe Of Willowplace Maycoons Madawaska Of Tabbyskins
MCO ds brown mc tabby
MCO fs 22 Illya’s Honeysuckle Rose
red silver cl tabby
Willowplace Magnificent Maude Willowplace Shenandoah
ns 22 brown mc tabby/white
22 Willowplace Spellcaster
brown cl tabby