We sadly lost our beloved  Žofka – Sevencorners Adrena Lynn. :-( 15/11 2013
 We have CRX kittens! 19/10 2011
New pics of CRX kittens! 23/2  2012
New pics of CRX kittens! 25/1  2012
 We have CRX kittens! 10/11 2011
 We proudly present our new boy from Sweden - S*Zoot’z Rush! Thank you Martina! 29/3 2011
 New pages of CRX girls Olivka and Odyska.
New pics of Zofka‘s kitten.
New litter of Jamboree.
7/1 2011
First photos of CRX kittens! 5/4 2010
New pics of kittens! 8/3 2010
New page of the girl Mystery Of Starlight Darrem Casus-Violka.

New pics of kittens!

19/2 2010
First photos of kittens! 22/1 2010
Information about kittens. 15/1 2010
 Happy New Year 2010! 31/12 2009
Our MCO boy Caramel Toffee Darrem Casus got the title CHAMPION!
1/12 2009
We took a part at the International Shows in Pardubice 14.-15.November.

The MCO boy Caramel Choco Darrem Casus got CAC at his first show and he became a stud male.

The MCO boy Caramel Toffee Darrem Casus got titles 2x CAC, BIV a nom.BIS. He fulfil conditions for the title Champion!

The CRX boy Love Me Tender Darrem Casus – Lenny got the title CAC and he became a stud male. After the show he have moved to his new home in the Garret cattery.

22/11 2009
We have received result of HCM2 test from Laboklin. Tofifik is negative (N/N)!

Both parents of “M” litters were screen for HCM, they are “normal”.

17/8 2009
New photos of  kittens. 13/5 2009
New photos of  kittens.

New photos of  Jamboree and Toffefee.
26/4 2009
New photos of  kittens. 16/3 2009
New photos of  kittens. 27/2 2009
Zofka-Sevencorners Adrena Lynn whelped kittens!
Six girls and one boy born on 12.February 2009.
14/2 2009
New photos of  kittens MCO and CRX. 4/2 2009
New photos of  kittens MCO. 20/01 2009
New photos of  kittens CRX. 12/01 2009
New pages of Jamboree and Toffeefee.
News at MCO page.
06/01 2009
Happy and successful new year 2009! 26/12 2008
New photos of  kittens. 13/12 2008
New photos of  kittens. 25/11 2008
New photos of  kittens of  Sindy. 13/11 2008
New photos of  kittens of Kamilka and Sindy. 3/11 2008
New photos of  kittens of Kamilka and Sindy. 19/10 2008
News about newborn and expected kittens! 15/10 2008
New photos of  kittens. 2/10 2008
First photos of  kittens. 26/8 2008
Sindy – Capricious Cream Darrem Casus whelped kittens!
Three girls and one boy born on 11.August 2008.
14/8 2008
Myška – Tidgi Curly Genevieve won 2 x CAC at the International Show in Olomouci and have fulfiled conditions for the title CHAMPION! 7/8 2008

We had a nice weekend at the International Show in Valtice (CZ).
Zhofka – Sevencorners Adrena Lynn had her show coming-out and she got “excellent 2″ at a kittens class (6-10).

Kamilka – Capricious Caramel Darrem Casus won a title CAC.

Myshka – Tidgi Curly Genevieve won her first CAC.

26/6 2008

We present our new family member Sevencorners Adrena Lynn! 11/6 2008
We plan a next litter of Sindy. 17/4 2008
All kittens found their homes. We plan a next litter of Kamilka. 15/3 2008
New pics of the sweet boy Chic Cherub Darrem Casus!
New pics of Kamilka and Sindy!
We present our new family member – Cornish Rex girl Myshka!
6/2 2008
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