Willowplace Majestic Marilyn


MCO fs 22 ,
* 3.8.2002
† 10.9. 2007

breeder: Barbara Ray, USA


FELv, FIV, FIP negative
HCM negative (gentest N/N)

Parents Granparents GrandGrandparents
Tabbyskins Santa Fe Of Willowplace Maycoons Madawaska Of Tabbyskins Maycoons Debato
MCO ds 22 brown mc tabby brown mc tabby
Coonpulsive Shadow Of Maycoons
blue cl tabby
Illya’s Honeysuckle Rose Le Beau Minu Mierzka Of Tabbyskind
red silver cl tabby red silver cl tabby
Illya’s Ramblin Rose
red silver cl tabby
Willowplace Magnificent Maude Willowplace Shenandoah Megacoon Rocking Cyrus
ns 22 brown mc tabby/white brown mc tabby
Willowplace Party Doll
brown cl tabby/white
Willowplace Spellcaster Willowplace Jubilation Of Winfield
brown cl tabby silver cl tabby
Willowplace Witches Brew brown cl tabby